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    The mission of the company
         1, for the country to create an internationally competitive business excellence.
         2, continue to promote the world turn sugar, baking industry.
    3, continuously forge ahead, adhere to scientific development, to innovation, the company pulled China and the world turned sugar, baking equipment manufacturer's leader.

    The company's development strategy
         Scientific management, to ensure the quality, expand market, improve efficiency. Advantage in quality, service and brand advantages to gain market advantage, and strive to turn world-renowned company pulled sugar, baking equipment manufacturer.

    The company's commitment to
          For consumers: to provide safe products, dissemination of innovative ideas.
          The customer: win-win cooperation and sustainable development.
          Staff: education and training, success in life.
          Of society: business law, innovation, public feedback.

    The company's entrepreneurial spirit
         Solidarity, courage and hard work, learning and innovation, and excellence.

    The principles of the company's employment
         Open, fair and impartial.

    The company's management philosophy
         With the cultural cohesion of the people, using the system to control human nature, with the brand success in life.

    The company's pursuit of
         Building first-class team, with first-class equipment;
         Implementation of first-class management, production-class products;
         Provide first-class service, create first-class brand.

    The company's quality objectives
         Sought to products manufactured pass rate of 100%.

    Characteristics of products
         Safety, quality, innovation, and fashion.

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