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  •   Our silicone products are raw materials, rubber products meet food hygiene standards, certification by international SGS environmental protection material, the use of silicone materials produced fondant baking equipment, with tasteless, non-toxic so you can re-use, soft, styles.

         The products have all passed the U.S. FDA certified food grade, heat-resistant temperature of -40 ℃ to +220 ℃, oven and microwave are applicable, you can re-use, innovative design, soft, varied styles, stripping easy, non-stick surface, easy to clean. High temperature, microwave oven can bake a cake, make jelly, not afraid of cold, can be used to ice, no matter where, you can make a lovely shape, afraid of throw, easy to clean, re-use, the shape of diverse cute!

    1 product by the U.S. FDA food-grade certified, you can re-use, innovative design, soft, varied styles, stripping is easy, non-stick surface, easy to clean.
    2 for oven, microwave or refrigerator, are no problem.
    3 stripping is very easy, no legend uneven color silicone mold.
    4 color specifications varied, harmless, high resistance, low temperature resistance, steaming, boiling, resistance to water vapor.

    [Use and Maintenance]:
    1 for the first time and every time after use with hot water (diluted detergent consumption) or into the dishwasher-safe, do not use abrasive cleaning agents or foam edge cleaning. Ensure
    Silicone cup before each use and have been thoroughly dried before storage.
    2 silicone baking cups should be open-minded when in flat baking tray. Must not let the mold dry roasted, such as a Six die, you just filled with three modes, the other three modes must be installed in the water. Otherwise mold will be grilled or bad, life will be reduced. In order to achieve the best finished baking the baking results, before baking in the silica glass surface can be lightly spray a small amount of anti-stick baking pan oil.
    3 When finished baking, place the pan removed from the oven and let cool baked products placed in the grid to go on until completely cold.
    4 silicone cup can only be used for school oven, oven and microwave, and must not be used directly in the gas or electricity, or heating plate directly above or below the barbecue device use.
    5 Do not use the right with a knife or other sharp instruments in the silicone cup, not pressure, pull, violence and bullying
    6 silicone mold (because of the relationship between static electricity), it is very easy to suck the dust, not a long time, it is best placed in the input tray, placed in the shade.
    7 out of the oven immediately after the Do not rinse with cold water to extend the life!

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